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I've decided I need to make an effort to write to this blog at least every other day.  There's too much ridiculous shit out there that requires my caddie comments in order to balance out the universe.  Please see exhibit A:

That's right, it's a NASCAR-themed romance novel!  I found this book at a truck stop just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is obviously its natural habitat. It amuses me to no end to try and picture the women who fit into the key demographic this book was marketed towards.  I can picture her now, some woman named Naydeen Brotherfuck standing in front of the sink in her trailer scrubbing Easy Mac caserrole from a Jeff Gordon commemorative dinner plate while smoking two Virginia Slims and fantasizing about the day when she might get the chance to fuck a guy wearing a Tide logo.  Now before you judge me for my unfair portrail of NASCAR fans, I'd like to cite Amazon's synopsis of the book which says,

"Not only did her late husband leave her ownership of Hammond Racing, but thanks to his last business deal, he's reunited Kellie Hammond with Lucas Boyce--by making him her star driver. The fact is, after one passionate night eighteen years ago, Kellie never thought she'd see Lucas again--even though she had his son....

Now they're working together, whether she likes it or not. And they're feeling the heat on a daily--make that hourly--basis. But the surprisingly repentant Lucas is unaware he's a dad. And Kellie is this close to revealing the truth. Unless, of course, someone with a vendetta does it first...."

Illegitimate children, racing and romance?  Someone phone the Pulitzer committee we have a winner!

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